Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My pillow!

The LVMQG hosted a pillow swap and all of our finished pillows were revealed last Thursday.  We each picked an "inspiration fat quarter" from Quiltique and exchanged it with another guild member.  My pillow was made by Sharon from Sew Extreme... I LOVE it!!  Mine is the one in the front, with the white background and pink/orange strips.  It looks like a books on a shelf to me... :-)

I'm sort of inspired to make another pillow for the guest room...we'll see when I can get the time to get that done!  I had to steal this photo from the LVMQG site because I never can seem to get a picture during the day when the light is good.  I usually blog at night and without a good daytime pic I'm screwed!  I wrote this post several days ago but with out the pic...well, what good is a post with no picture??

Thanks, Sharon!!


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