Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Misc stuff...

Hello quilters!  First of all, Buddy has been very sick for about a month.  We thought it was an allergic reaction to a tree outside, then chemical burns from painting our house, then a bug bite, but it turns out at least part of it was a systemic reaction to a rabies shot he got at the end of April.  He ended up with an abscess on his hip from the injection that needed to be drained.  The shoelace thing went through his skin and was tied on the outside--disgusting, but it worked.  He had major scratching, all his soft membranes (around his eyes, mouth, pads of feet) were raw...he was a hot mess!  

Now the drain has been removed, he is on lots of medication, and he feels a lot better!  What a trooper....they also did skin scrapings because he was scratching and had a dark dander which I over-reacted to and determined to be mange via the internet.  LOL....but I took a sample to school and used the zoology microscope to rule out mange mites, but the vet still took a sample anyway, just to confirm my isn't mange.  Just flakey skin from the reaction.....FYI, mange is contagious between dogs and humans (ick...especially if you cuddle or sleep with your pet!).

My orange challenge quilt is coming along...all the blocks are made, they just need to be assembled into a top.  That is today's challenge, I guess....I have to have it completely finished before we leave on our vacation in about 10 days!

I've gotten off the caffeine, hopefully.  It has been 5 days of no coffee, no tea, no Coke.  I substitute watered down Kool-Aid and drink that instead.  Eventually, when the non-stop headache goes away, I will drop the Kool-Aid as well.  And because it is summer and I'm feeling lazy, we have devolved into college students living off of Cup 'o Noodles and Top Ramen.  That is the best 28 cents I've ever spent!!  However, it is possible that I'm now addicted to MSG.... ;-)

We had a wonderful time at our LVMQG sew-in on Sunday!  About a dozen quilters met at Fabric Boutique to sew and snack and have a good time....Thanks go out to Sharon for arranging this meet-up.  The owner of the shop was very gracious and treated us like family.  I got some work done on a charity quilt that I'll post about later this week....

I need to work on making a panto for my orange quilt...Happy Quilting!


  1. Poor Buddy! I am glad he seems to be on the mend! I am glad you got a second opinion, after Dr. Google!

  2. I am sorry about you doggie. I hope he starts feeling better. OUCH!

  3. KoolAid and Ramen Noodles? You MUST be a college student! Poor puppy! Glad he's feeling better. You know, I've had one of your posts open on my iPad for over a week now - the orange and green dresden plate journal cover - I just LOVE IT!

  4. I tried the Cup 'o Noodles the other month and while I didn't mind the noodles... I promptly picked out the dried pieces of vegetables.

  5. Oh bummer about Buddy, but I am happy to see that he is feeling better! Poor guy! Good luck on the caffeine! I have been off it 10 days. It was rough!!


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