Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vinyl Zippered Pouch

Yesterday I decided to make a vinyl zippered pouch similiar to one Joyce made me last year.  I did find the directions, but it was pretty simple to make.  Mine is about 9" x 10"... I ordered the black and white comic print from eQuilter last week....

The funniest part ended up under the zipper...damn it!!  Poor planning on my is the bubble above the woman's head....

I'm fairly certain that there has been NO extra money in the budget since I learned to sew!!  LOL....Hubs doesn't know it yet, but all the extra money will soon be spent at the fabric shop!

I don't think I posted about the Rainbow Spectrum swap charm squares that I received.  I sent in 5 yards of purples, cut into 5" squares, and received back 5 yards of charms squares.  256 rainbow colored charm squares!  I have no idea of what to do with them, but they look inviting...

I've got to go find a sewing project.  But the little zippered pouch was often do I finish something in a day???

Have fun sewing!


  1. Disappearing 4 patch in rainbow colors would be fun to make.

  2. That is so darn cute. I have that fabric and have it in living color!

  3. What a fun zippered pouch! I love it.



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