Saturday, August 4, 2012

More longarm practice..

Well, I thought I'd do a little PPP today while the kids are at the pool...LOL.  Loaded some junk muslin, junk batting that was sent as packing material ( it sucks) and I'm using a nasty vintage sheet as the backing.  And just to prove I really don't give a *&^%, I thought I'd shock myself and use some raspberry variegated thread on top!!  Nothing shows your mistakes like a contrasting thread....

Hopefully someday I'll look back on this and laugh because I'll be so much better, for now, this is it...I had quilted some bad words into it when I was having troubles but I didn't take pics of kidding...
Wonky feathers...

Spineless feather on the top and some flowers...loops and tendrils added


 Some particularly nasty feathers...bad words are on the right-- you can't see!
 I liked this...modern geometric....
 Some flowers...
Anyhow, now my hands ache so I think I'm done with the PPP.  I need some charity tops to quilt.  Best get to work!!  Happy quilting!


  1. You know, I think they are all really nice! It my just be that I have no taste, but if I hired you to quilt for me, I would be thrilled with your wonky feathers. I am a wonk, wonk!

  2. I think your quilting is looking pretty amazing! I just made a quilt that I want to put feathers on, but I don't have time to practice before I quilt it, so I may not be able to do that - wish I could be confident that mine would look as good as yours!

  3. I think they all look good, and I love the Paisley and also the feather designs.

  4. You are being too hard on yourself. The spirals look good! And I like the modern geometric, too! :)

  5. They look pretty darn good to me. I actually like it when the feathers aren't exactly right. Your paisleys and your swirls are really good! Good Job.


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