Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ready to roll....

I leave tomorrow for a 3 day retreat in Northern Arizona with the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild.  There are 14 members going on the retreat and it should be loads of fun!!

My car is washed, I'm halfway packed and I had time to make a little ironing board cover just for the occasion!!

We are staying at a luxury home right off of Route 66...The Tumbling Rock Ranch!!  Check it out...amazing!  And we all split the cost so it was only $106 per person for the three days!

My secret quilter gifts are all made (I'll post about them after the retreat) and I packed a bunch of plaid shirts for a new project!  Happy sewing to you all!


  1. I have been so out of touch with so much company in town. So looking forward to this retreat. See you tomorrow.


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