Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Butterflies...

I've been busy the last few days making a sample quilt for a pattern I'm writing called Baby Butterflies.  Here is a pic prior to binding...and an up close.  The fabric is Sweetcakes by Riley Blake.  I'm hoping my LQS will sell my pattern.

I've sold them 48 of my Maybellene pattern so far!  But I've only sold 5 on Craftsy....how does one get her patterns to rise up to the top of Craftsy??  Help!  I'm thinking of Etsy as well....for both patterns and quilts.  Anyhow, this is what I've been doing lately.  I have another one in the works I'll post up tomorrow!

Happy Quilting!


  1. How exciting that your pattern is doing so well! Maybe you will be able to leave teaching the children earlier!

  2. Lovely quilt! Good luck with the pattern selling. I've been thinking of doing this but don't know where to start. I love designing!

  3. Have you tried pinning your patterns from Craftsy on Pinterest? it might get them some circulation they aren't getting right now. By the way - love the butterfly quilt!! Awesome design!!

  4. I think you have a winner on your hands! Can't wait to make it.


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