Sunday, April 28, 2013

Denise's Quilt...

I quilted up a gift quilt for Denise today....her friend's birthday is next weekend so she needed it ASAP.  I used the panto Starlets on it...

She did a barn raising layout with half square triangles.  The line of fabric was Moda's Old Glory...I think.  Anyhow, it was flat as a pancake and the quilting was easy peasy!  Nice job, Denise.... ;-)  I hope she enjoys it...

Happy Quilting!


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  2. Nice quilt and a perfect quilting design!

  3. This is a very cool design for this fabric. Nice job. You don't have to say in your blog how not flat a past quilt was that was a pain in the ass. I know who you're talking about! Oops!


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