Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Happenings...

We've been decorating our house a bit.  It has only been about 16 months and I'm tired of looking at the boxes still stacked in the corner of the bedroom!!  ;-)  One new purchase is a cute coffee sign for the kitchen...I've been making iced coffees at home and apparently they are a little on the "light" side--color wise!  Rebecca doesn't drink coffee so she doesn't get it....but she bought me the sign. ;-)

I'm quilting a charity quilt for Sharon.  The panto is Daisies Galore, I believe....I've been having some tension issues but I think I have it all worked out.  The fabric is Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane...right??

Quiltique, our local quilt shop, celebrated their 10th anniversary with a big sale last week.  I bought about 25 yards of fabric...Fat quarters of Honey was buy 10 FQ and get 5 free!  I bought a total of 30 FQ...

Then it was buy 10 yards of fabric, get 5 yards free!  Lots of Pam Kitty Love by Lakehouse...and some other assorted cutie prints.  Very springy....

I think I'm about done shopping.  It is time to start making some new projects!!!  More to come soon...
Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow! Lots of goodies! I saw that sale and was wishing I could go (ironically, I am a Star member this year because of my machine purchase in January 2012). Better that I didn't, though. I have been adapting that daisy panto to FMQ on my current project. It is a great design when I don't want heavy quilting. Of course my daisies are a little 'wilder'...

  2. holy crap! 25 yards!!!! lol you're going to need a bigger house soon :)

    The daisies look cute on the nicey jane!

  3. That quilt I'm donating is very cute now! Love the daisies. You do have a haul from the sale. All washed and ready for your next project.

  4. Wow, I am glad I didn't know about that sale!! Pretty panto on a cute quilt.


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