Sunday, September 1, 2013

Baby Quilts...

These two are ones that I made in the last few months...The first was a tester for the Extra Credit pattern.  It is quilted with the Daisies and Loops panto and will be offered up for sale on Etsy as soon as I have it bound.  Here it is...

And a scrappy trip along quilt that I made at an all day workshop this summer.  I didn't love it as much prior to quilting but now I'm considering making another one!  This is quilted with the Garden Frills panto...and will also be available for sale on Etsy soon...

In addition to sewing, I've been doing some beading.  I made three new necklaces last week...kind of long choker length...

An up-close shot...

Anyhow, that is how the last week has gone for me.  Boo hoo that school started again, but now I only have three years and 175 school days until retirement!!  Yeah....

Happy Quilting everyone!


  1. Those quilts are beautiful! I am especially fond of the first one. The colours, so soft, and the quilting, just gorgeous! The scrappy trip looks sew fun! Congrats on both and good luck in your sales, Zany Quilter!

  2. Me again! Hope you don't mind, but these quilts are both so pretty, I have to share them, with a link back, on my facebook page at

  3. Love the colors in those quilts! I hope the three and 175 go quickly!

  4. Those quilts won't last long in your Etsy store! Great job on the chokers too.

  5. What beautiful quilts and beautiful necklaces too.

    I hope the 3 years and 175 days goes quickly for you.

  6. This has to be my favorite Scrappy Trip Along that I have seen! Awesome. You are such a great quilter!


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