Monday, August 19, 2013

Patty's Jelly Roll quilt...

Patty made this scrappy jelly roll quilt and she wanted some allover swirls.  I used the panto Outside In and it really softened up the strip quilt...she also added extra strips to the borders to make it a larger lap size quilt...

An up close of the swirls...

I haven't been doing much sewing due to work starting again soon.  I've already been to school and I've done some work at home.  This work thing is really disturbing my hobbies and Pinterest!  And worse yet, Pinterest is blocked at school....OMG....Pinterest withdrawls coming soon!!  I like to eat lunch in my room and surf the 'net but some much good stuff is blocked by my school district (I see their point, but I don't have to be happy about it!!....Anyhow, I'll try to keep up on my blog posting during the year but it always seems to dwindle when I'm working....darn it!

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing summer...Happy Quilting!


  1. Your quilting is always so nice and the tension is always spot on. That is the pattern I want on my next one! School will just fly by this year. Next thing you know it will be summer again.

  2. I love those swirls! It's a bummer, how work disrupts life! I hope you have a good year, though!


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