Saturday, March 15, 2014

On my own at Goat Feathers!

I decided to pull out and do my own booth at Goat Feathers.  My Mom and I chalk painted an old 1980's hutch I bought on Craigslist Monday.  We painted on Thursday night and she did the second coat on Friday morning...then we waxed it Friday night!  A 24 hour turn is a shot of the whole thing.... You can see I have a couple of baby quilts handing on the sides...and other stuff I've made. 

An up close shot of the stuff inside.... patterns, mug rugs and mugs!  I does have a light in the top but Goat Feathers is still working on the electricity so there isn't an outlet yet for a timer.  Hopefully it will be installed later this week!


Some other things I've made.... table runners, table toppers, etc.  I have plans to make cute little pincushions and thread catchers as well....
Here is an exterior shot of Goat Feathers...located in Boulder City, NV, right past the Hoover Dam but prior to hitting Las Vegas.
It is a consignment shop full of antiques and collectibles, crafts, and, of course, some wayward crazy junk... When it is full, it can take an hour to walk through.  It closed at Christmas and changed owners so new vendors that wanted to move it and getting an opportunity.  Prior to that, you'd need someone to die and leave you their spot!  I need to get working on some cutie pie I'll have things to post about!

Happy Quilting!


  1. How cool! Your display and cabinet look great!!

  2. Oh this is so cute! I wish I was anywhere near close to visit

  3. You could make the cute, little triangle thread catchers to sell. You could even make them larger, and show them with candies/treats in them. If you are interested, I can send you the link. I made 28 (on a hand crank) in one weekend.

  4. Your space looks colorful and welcoming. Looking forward to seeing it in person. Good luck on your sales.


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