Thursday, April 17, 2014

More baby quilts...

I made two more baby quilts for Goat Feathers....the first one was from a bunch of blocks I made testing out the Runaround Sue pattern a year ago.... Good Fortune by Kate Spain.  I used a panto called Chamomile.  Love it!

And a sexy, up-close shot....

I had my longarm serviced in Rancho Cucamonga, CA last week.  Fortunately, there is an APQS dealer and service guy, Dave, located right of the I-15.  It is called Dave Make It Sew and he did great job servicing my Freedom.  It runs so well I don't even mind sewing on it!  LOL....My Mom was going down to my sister's house so she dropped in off one day and then picked it up on her way back to Vegas the next week.  Dave was super and got it done in a rush so that I wouldn't have to make a special trip down during Spring Break to pick it up.  What a great guy!  Thanks, Dave....

I really needed it serviced, but didn't want to pack it up and ship it to Iowa for the Spa Treatment.  Dave gave it his Spa Treatment and it just purrs now.... ;-)

I'm quilting another baby quilt today so I'll have pics tomorrow....Happy Quilting!

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  1. Pretty swirls. I'm from Southern CA and I have a cousin who used to live in Cucamonga. Love the name Goat Feathers and the hutch and display are so pretty.


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