Friday, July 25, 2014

Practice quilt....

I'm working on a log cabin quilt from fat quarters...for a new pattern, of course.  This was the first try--all in Pam Kitty fabrics.  I love the look of it!

And an up close shot of the quilting.  The panto is called Daisies and Loops and it is one I hadn't done before.  Quite adorable, if I may say....

I'm working on a second version in batiks--half lights and half darks--to see how that turns out.  The pattern is written, but I need a cover quilt.  Or two...who knows!  Anyhow, I'm just sewing today--I hope you are as well.  Happy Quilting!


  1. That is Kitty awesome and I have just the pile of fabric for that pattern!!! Waiting impatiently 😍

  2. I love it!!! Have been wanting to make a log cabin quilt for along time too!! I'd love to know how to cut the FQ's to make this quilt!!!


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