Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vintage Featherweight Seam Guide and Cleaning Kit

My friend Maria sells these cute little acrylic guides for Featherweights.  Her husband works with acrylic and he made her a bunch for her Etsy store "My Gramas Inspiration".  They have a dainty little lace pattern on the back so your Featherweight will look cutie patootie at sew-ins or retreats.  Check it out...

She pointed out that is fully adjustable--see the cut out in the middle?  1/4" or 1/2"...whatever!!  How cool...

But she also sells these ever-so-handy Featherweight Cleaning Kits.  Look at all the goodies you get in your kit:  3 mini screwdrivers, two extra bobbins, a long pair of tweezers, a cleaning brush, an oiler and some grease!  Did you know your featherweight needed grease--and where to put it??  Well, Maria does, and this kit was put together by her and her Engineer husband to assist her when she took her machine to sew-ins.  It has everything you need to keep you Featherweight in tip top shape.  You can see them in her Etsy store.

That oiler is worth everything, in my opinion....and ready to install grease??  Awesome!!

So I picked up a set from her directly, but you can check out her Etsy store and get your own ;-)  You'll be happy you did!  Happy Quilting...

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