Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jewel Flower EPP project...

May was a busy month around here...ending school, renovating our floors, etc.  I hardly had any time to sew on my machine, so I started another EPP project.  This time I'm using the jewel piece, with a hexagon center, and diamonds around the edge of the hexagon blocks.  The line of fabric is called Summerfest--with a few scraps from my own stash thrown in for more variety.

Here are some finished hexagon blocks on my new floor!!  We ripped out 12" square, beige ceramic tile and put in 8" x 36" porcelain tile that looks like wood plank.  It is super awesome!  I can't tell you how much we love it.

And an up-close shot...

I really, really love EPP...more than any other sewing I've ever done.  It is so relaxing and calming.  Most people probably think that the idea of making a quilt by hand would be daunting--but I just don't think about how long it will take.  It is more of a process for me... 

Anyhow, I'll do some sewing on my Juki now that I can set up my table downstairs again...yeah!  I'm definitely going to get back on the vintage sheet project that I cut out in May.  Happy quilting!!


  1. These are beautiful, Way beyond my skill level. Maybe someday.

  2. This is looking lovely. I'm just trying out EPP for myself.


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