Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Quilt Along--tree skirt!

So I drug out the tree skirt that I made in September and I basted it.  My plan is to quilt it on my Juki.  Here is my proof....

But I usually send my stuff to a longarmer and I'm baffled by this idea.  Maybe just straight lines?  Or cross-hatching?  Or I could practice some stippling and try that? here it sits!!! I must run a couple of errands but I'll come back to it later today--I've been sick this weekend so I have a lot to catch up on!!!

Oh yeah, dogs like Butterscotch least Buddy does!!  I always get the "beggin' paw" (one paw raised so he is standing on 3 legs) when he wants something.  The first pic is when he wanted pizza...then the sucker!

He has us so well trained.  And NO, I didn't put the sucker back in my mouth.  YES, we did brush his teeth after that snack.  NO, we don't frequently feed him candy....But it was sort of cute! 


  1. I think a swirly meander would look great. It would balance out the straight lines of the blocks. Also you don't want anything too detailed, as it will get lost in the plaids in your blocks.

    I'll look forward to seeing what you finally decide.

  2. My first thought was a spiral or wavy lines in the blocks, and maybe some holly leaves in the background? My dogs have always loved to lick yogurt containers when I'm done!

  3. Maybe practice some stippling? The tree skirt will be on the floor... not on the wall for real close viewing. AND, it will be up under the tree with presents on it for a while, at least. Very pretty design, btw.



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