Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two finishes....and an adult beverage!

So we have two finishes for today....first, the purple/aqua quilt came back from Merrie Berrie Quilting.  She did an allover pattern (she doesn't panto...don't be jealous of her skills!! LOL)....I had it bound in three days!!  It has been washed and dried and mailed out to NY!!! 

Then, Rebecca finished clipping the Syracuse quilt and it got washed and all raggy...

I had to whip up the adult beverage to get me through the quilting on this tree skirt.  I'm doing radiating lines from the center...all must be marked, then sewn.  ;-D

Yep, wild cherry Kool-Aid.  How cool is it when you are old enough to make Kool-Aid in the winter??
Anyhow, I'm back to quilting.  Another post later to see my progress!!!


  1. I think both these quilts look wonderful.

    I have to ask though, what is Kool Aid?

  2. Kool-aid is a little packet of flavoring sold for 10 cents. You add one cup of sugar and water and stir it up. Very popular for kids in the US...chuck full of sugar and cheap for parents to make!


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