Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Valentine blocks are finished...

So I've been working on the log cabin blocks for the Valentine Quilt.  Here they are....on my "design floor" waiting to be pinned...

Anyhow, just thought I'd give a teaser.  I should have the quilt top pieced this week.  I'm doing a "show and tell" at school because the inmates are curious about how a pile of fabric becomes a quilt.  They've now seen pieces (logs) and the blocks....next, I'll bring in the top, and batting and the back to show how it gets assembled into a "blanket" (gasp!!).  LOL....more to come!


  1. uh-huh... love this one, too!


  2. WOW, I LOVE it! I hope I find the time for projects like this one day!

  3. I think this is gorgeous! It is also quite wonderful of you to show the inmates how things go together. Kids seldom get to see how things are made in our modern world.

  4. this is so pretty! wow! how nice of you to share your work with the inmates. you never know which one of them might be inspired to sew!

  5. Have just found your blog via another site - amazin ghose this happens.
    I've just clicked on this image, and this quilt is absolutely fantastic.
    Would love to know what size the blocks aer how much fabric etc. Could you do a pattern or tutorial?


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