Saturday, November 20, 2010

To Do List....

Well now, I need to prioritize my list of "things of to do"--quilting-wise, that is.  The Valentine top is pieced and will be sent to the quilter next week.  So what to do next? 

Not in any order...

1.  Piece the quilt top for the dining room--for after the holidays.  It is a Buggy Barn pattern and I purchased the kit a year or so ago, cut the pieces last summer, and then left it in a container, untouched, for months.

EDIT:  I can't get a good pic today, but maybe later this week!

2.  Bind the tree skirt.  That is important....Maybe I should work on that today.

3.  Make the anime quilt for my classroom--inspired by this one on Flickr.  Fabrics have come in from all over--maybe I have enough?

4.  Day of the Dead wall cute would that be?  Love that theme.  Have already purchased some anyone surprised?  And I made a bag out of it last year....

5.  Vintage plaid shirt quilt for my Dad's cabin.  I have lots of leftover strips from Ryan's quilt and a nice quilt for my Dad's guest room is in order.  He is currently using a peach/brown quilt that I made in the early 1990's....I think it is my duty to retire that quilt and make a new one!!  I'm thinking "log cabin" pattern, since it is going to be in an actual log cabin.  But is that too obvious?  Maybe a string quilt??  Love those....hmmm...I've got enough strips that I could probably do both....LOL!

6.  Vintage plaid Halloween quilt.  I have all the fabrics, just no motivation.  Hmmm....

7.  Finish Alli's Halloween quilt.  Prior to the nasty split with my ex, Allison was working on a Yellow Brick Road Halloween quilt.  It is almost done.  I should just finish it, but it is like pouring salt into an open wound right now.  Maybe I'll put that off until next summer.

9.  Kaffe quilt.  I bought a lot of Kaffe fabric last summer and I'm anxious to cut into it.  I have many quilts in my head....which one to do???

10.  The 3-D shadow quilt.  This seems kind of cool...I bought the background and shadow fabrics, and I have tons of fabric for the squares, so what is my problem???  Get busy, Vic!

11.  I just ordered a Pure layer cake from Green Fairy Quilts.  Free shipping this weekend.  I need to make a quilt to match my couch.  Not that Valentine isn't appropriate all year 'round, but why not have something that matches???

12.  Finish Rebecca's name quilt.  Maybe this weekend?  I just need to quilt it--how long can that take?  I have the binding ready to go...

OK, this list doesn't even dent what I have going on around here, but it is a start.  Wish me luck!!  Also, look at what I saw when I went into Ryan's bathroom last night after he brushed his teeth...
Did you know that Listerine can get a "foamy head" like a glass of beer?  Upon further investigation I found Ryan giggling about it in his room--he wondered if it would explode like a can of soda!!  OMG, can you imagine the blue mess if it did actually explode??  What a cutie pie ....LOL...


  1. Listerine was in my last blog post, too! I knew it could get a foamy head, but did you know it can get the skunk smell out of your dog? I didn't know, now I do. Quite a list you have going there! Tree Skirt definitely seems to be top priority, but I vote for the name quilt second. I LOVE that!

  2. Yay! You got your list going! Now I don't feel so alone. My list could have been much, MUCH longer, but I think if I just list a few at a time, I am much more motivated to get them done! It isn't as daunting as looking at the whole list! lol I vote for a log cabin quilt for your dad. My inlaws had a log cabin and I made them a log cabin quilt and they just adored it. You can see it on my blog under 2010 finishes..Pete and Bev's Hideaway. Good luck..I can't wait to see what you get done!

  3. Making a list always helps me out. Although, I keep doing things on my WANT to part instead of my NEED to part! lol

  4. your name me a great idea for one for my bathroom...Madame Samm....I can see it now...great blogger you are...going to follow you..see leave a comment and you get a new follower from stash manicure wink...


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