Saturday, December 22, 2012

Denyse Schmidt Obsession....

Wow...I'm a little late in the game on this one, but I recently fell in love with the old Denyse Schmidt lines Sugar Creek, Picnic and Fairgrounds, and some Katie Jump Rope.  Sadly, they have been out of print for years so I'm scavenging from the clearance area at Jo-Ann's, Ebay and Etsy.  Obsessively.  Denyse should get a restraining order against me and my fabric craziness!

This pile is over a foot high and it doesn't even tip the iceberg of what I acquired.  I bought over 30 yards at Jo-Ann's one day a few weeks ago.  The green/blue combo is easier to find than the red/pink combos.  But I bought 1/2 yard cuts of the whole collection off Etsy so I have some of the reds.
I'm inspired to do the Kaleidoscope Quilt Along and make one of SoHappy...or this one....It turns out that quilt along was 18 months ago but why not join in now???  LOL....
Today I am finishing my swap quilt for LVMQG.  Nothing like the last minute!
Happy Quilting...
Oh yeah, I have 16 days off now for Winter Break!!!


  1. I had that obsession! Lol! The kaleidoscope quilt would be a good idea. I just signed up for her paper piecing QAL for 2013. We will see if I can keep up!

  2. Let me know if there is any one print you are looking for. My pile is insane! The moment they moved them to clearance I found even more addiction. I had more trouble finding the blue/green than the red.

  3. Welcome to the club! I have Daisy mae in my etsy shop I havent gottne the latest yet. They also coordinate awesomely with Chicopee!

  4. Do we need to take your computer privileges away??? Cool fabric. I love my kaleidoscope quilt.

    Yea on the days off!

  5. 30 yards... holy crap!

    Sharon - you'll need to take her car too... although she could just walk to Joanns lol.


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