Thursday, June 20, 2013

EPP so far....from Tahoe!

I've been piecing like a boss up here and this is what I have so far...about 32 stars!!

Picture quality is a little dicey because it was taken with Rebecca's iPhone...but you can get the drift!  Awesome....lovin' it!

We are watching episode after episode of the show Numb3rs....math nerd and FBI brother solve crimes and do a lot of geeky math talk.  Tomorrow we are off to Squaw Valley--Ryan should get to do some paintball and maybe rock wall climbing.  Tahoe is always beautiful and we are all having fun--including Grandma, who is a cut-throat game player! 

Happy Quilting....why aren't there any quilt shops in North Tahoe???  ;-)


  1. Vic,
    You are so talented. You are great with color. Love them!

  2. The colors in those stars are amazing. I love the way the dots work with them, too. I would never have thought of dots, but they are perfect!

    Have a good time and enjoy being out of the furnace!

  3. Finally something worthy of your Kaffe fabrics! Love it.

  4. Cute stars. You inspire me to go on with my stars. I'm thinking of joining them with big hexies, like I saw on the picture on Paper Pieces.


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