Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quilting Placemats....and a Vegas View!

I quilted some placemats for Joyce today.  There were eight of them and I loaded them all on one backing....check it out!  Ribbon candy in the border and swirls in the centers....

This is something that some of you might not have thought about....I'd love to have nice placemats at my house but Ryan still gets more around the plate than in his mouth I think....LOL!  But someday....

Some of you might have heard about the heat wave....In Vegas, the heat doesn't really go away.  It was still over 100 degrees at midnight last night...and in the upper 100-teens during the day.  Like 115, 116, 117....etc.  Buddy barely wants to walk at night--honestly, neither do I.  Here is a view from my longarm room.  I was born here so I'm used to this, but I know from traveling some people haven't seen as much stucco and tile roofs as I have.  This is my house, the single story next door, and the two story after that.

The black circles on the roof are water filled tubes that help to solar heat the pool.  Hahaha.....hey, nobody wants a cold pool...and it can extend the swimming time in a pool well into October.  Anyhow, the pool pumps the water to the roof, through the tubes and then back to the pool.  And our pools are all inground-- when I went to  NY with Rebecca I was shocked by the above ground pool idea.  The trees are green and summer is here.  Not all of LV is desert....the residential areas are actually quite green.  At least my area, aptly called Green Valley.

I've spent the month of June learning to EPP.  Just to let you know, I have 53 of the stars done.  I need a little more than 100 so I'm halfway there....I absolutely love EPP and find it so relaxing.  Kind of mindless, like crochet.  Also, I enjoy not worrying about the pace of the project.  If it takes a year, then so be it.  I'd rather produce some quality work, rather than just whip out an easy quilt every week.  I find that working with smaller pieces is much more enjoyable than I expected.  Thanks Sharon!!!

I have a new sewing goal for July which I will share later.  I hope you can stay in from the heat!!  Happy Quilting....


  1. It's so nice to see the tile roof tops I miss so much from back home! It must be brutal to walk the woofy in a 100 degrees:( Way to go with your EPP project it's gonna be beautiful! :) Hope you guys can cool down in your inground pool. We have them above ground in NY for solely tax purposes:))

  2. I love the ribbon candy stitches! I am still working toward consistency and no leaning!

    The heat has been in the news here a lot! Hope you are staying cool!

  3. Those look like very big placemats! Maybe it's just the angle. Nice quilting. You will have those stars done by the end of summer at the rate you're going! Nice.


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