Friday, June 28, 2013


I quilted three table runners this week....the first is a spiral with feathers....

The next was a summery one with beach umbrellas and flip flops....

And the last was this western/horse themed one.  I did a sun in the brown and stippled the question is "what do I do with the horse panel?"....

I stitched in the ditch around the panel...but I can't bring myself to quilt over the horses.  The dark brown of the horses and the cream in the background make quilting over them seem....wrong???

Any ideas...or do I leave it unquilted?  Help!....more quilting tomorrow...


  1. They are all wonderful, but the spiral is my favorite....WOW!

  2. Love the suns in the brown. Maybe quilt in the background areas, and leave the horses alone.

  3. That is a tough one. I see what you mean about the horses. A tiny meandering around the horses? Good luck!

  4. I am sure this won't be much help... But maybe a simple crosshatch?

    Love your work!


  5. I am so behind on reading blogs that I am sure you have solved the dilemma by now! I like the idea of something around the horses. Maybe just an echo outline?


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