Friday, July 26, 2013

Carol's Jelly Roll Quilt...

I met Carol this summer while sewing at Fabric Boutique on Tuesdays.  She is a new quilter and only has a few quilts under her belt...this is one she made for a friend who is having surgery soon.  What a sweet idea, right??  Anyhow, since the fabrics were bright batiks, we thought something fun and tropical would look great on this quilt.  She let me pick the panto and I went with my all time favorite Bloomin' Stars.  The stars look like starfish to me and the flowers are so adorable....

I've never made one of these quilts myself and I was surprised at how big it turned out...maybe 56" x 62" or something close to that...definitely big enough to cuddle under during recovery.  Nice job, Carol....

Today I'll be quilting Denise's camping quilt.  I'm trying to get all the quilts quilted before I have to go back to $@#**&....(can't say the word, if you know what I mean)....

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hard to believe how fast the summers go! Schools here start around August 15, so everyone is gearing up for fall when it is 90 degrees out.

    The jelly roll quilt is very pretty and I think the quilt design was spot on!

  2. live the colors in this one and that's a great panto to accompany it. I plan on doing a jelly roll race quilt myself in the near future but I will be using scrap strips.

  3. Two bright quilts in a row!! Perfect panto for those bright colors. Very nice job.

  4. It's so tropical and the quilting really makes it :-)


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