Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sharon's Quilt...and a winner!

Today I quilted one of Sharon's wild quilts...a modern snowball quilt.  Sharon is really into bright graphic prints and lots of black and white.  It reminds me of the 1960's...psychedelic and crazy....The panto is a new one called Mod Dotz....

An up close shot....I used gray thread so it is hard to see the dotz and swirlz.... ;-)

Also, today is the day to draw the winner of the Pam Kitty fabric bundle and pattern.  The winner is Number 7:  Sarah Craig.  I'll be contacting you to get your mailing address....Congrats!  A big thanks to all who left a reminded me that I need to do more of these giveaways in the future!

Happy Quilting!!


  1. Love the close up of my quilt. Very cool quilting pattern. Great job. I love it! Congrats to Sarah on winning the give away.

  2. Sarah Craig is very deserving. Congrats Sarah!

  3. Those dots are very cool! I am always amazed at the way Sharon can make chaos look so good! The panto is a perfect choice!

  4. Oh how exciting!!! I can't wait to give your pattern a spin!! Thanks again for the wonderful giveaway!!


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