Monday, January 30, 2012

Using it...

I already feel like a quilting rockstar with my new design wall....I sort of have a drunken, haphazard mess of HST on the wall yet I feel like a genius??  LOL...

I wonder if they will stick on there all night long...or will I find a pile of HST on the floor tomorrow???  Hmmm....

Happy Quilting....


  1. I sort of like the funky design!

  2. Let us know what happens to them I like the design also.

  3. Yes, Genius! It's got a a nifty maze effect going on. I love how changing it up a bit can make such a big impact.

  4. I love that drunken, haphazard mess!! Looking good!!

  5. Out of the box. Love it and yes they will stay on the board all night long!


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