Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vintage sheets...

...are an addiction!!  I just love the pics on Flickr (search for vintage sheet groups).  Every day the doorstep has a few packages--fat quarters from Etsy, sheets from Ebay...I need to stop, but I can't!!  Check it out...

I know there is a little bit of creep factor if you think about the fact that someone might have (most likely) slept on these sheets at some point in time.  But after a hot wash, some Oxyclean, Downy and Bounce....well, they are reborn!!  The colors can be soft or vivid (some sheets are sold new in the package)...  It is very interesting...maybe I'll do a FQ vintage sheet giveaway soon....

My last day of the design floor is today...tomorrow my Dad is going to help me set up my new design wall!!  I've always wanted one but never had the space.... Our new house has lots of rooms and I now have plenty of space in my sewing room.... Bite me Freddie Mac!!  This is the PITA quilt that I'm making for my Mom....LOL...Beware of free online get what you pay for!!

I still love fabric from the quilt shop, but for an old-timer, trying something different is refreshing!!  Just wait and see what I make from my sheets....if I stop online shopping!!


  1. Your stack of sheets is impressive! I am guessing you have enough for 8 or 10 quilts! lol! Love the colors in your mom's quilt!

  2. Wow! That's quite a few sheets! They are beautiful, though. If it means you'll be doing a giveaway of fat quarters of some of those lovelies, I say "keep on buying!". Just kidding. I know what you mean about them being addictive to buy. I feel the same way about pillowcases at my local thrift store now that I've been repurposing them into grocery sacks. I told myself I can't go buy anymore until I make sacks with all the ones I've bought already. I have about 4 more sacks to go...

  3. You are going to have vintage quilts all over your house. I love the colors of ALL your many, many, many sheets. Just think you will have quilts made from sheets from all over the world!


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