Monday, June 21, 2010

Buddy's dog quilt...

Ok, so I made this little square in a square quilt for my dog Buddy--well, actually, to cover his dog kennel in the living room.  We call it his "house" because it doesn't have a door on it, and we hung pictures of us inside of it.  Well, he needed a quilt to cover it and his color is brown--he is a boy chihuaua mix afterall.  I have another picture with him right up close--he is adorable.
See how cute he is?  Anyhow, if you could see the quilting, you would see little dog bones.  This was quilted by Kalynda Klemmer.  She is the longarmer that bought my longarm machine when I quilt longarming...By the way, I mailed off two quilts to Merrie today for quilting and I totally forgot to take a picture of the Knudson quilt all pieced together.  I guess you'll just have to see it when it comes back (all 3 of you who may read this blog).  Tomorrow I'll do some work for work then I'm going to work on....well, I don't actually know what.  But I'll let you see when it gets going ;-)
And for the record, NQR (not quilting related) my ex is a big loser.  Just had to add it it, sorry if it slightly detracted from otherwise happy and jovial atmosphere here at Zany Quilter...LOL! But so you can relate, my son's first quilt (queen size log cabin in red/blue), with his name personally quilted into every block (by me, his longarming Mom) was LOST at the other house and is nowhere to be found (sometime during the last 5 years, they can't exactly pinpoint when it occurred??  WTF??).  See what I mean everyone, a BIG LOSER!  This is the missing quilt...if you see it at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill, look for the Ryan quilted in the stars and then buy it and call me so I can buy it back from you!  No kidding...where is my quilt???  ACK!  People who don't care about their kid, or their kid's quilt, suck!


  1. Ack is right! I hope you get it back.

  2. I agree - TOTAL LOSER!! But, I love the quilts. I followed a link from, looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Oh no! I hope your find the quilt! And what a lucky dog you have :) Thank you for sharing your blog.

  4. That dog is ADORABLE!!! Love the quilts. Totally agree that your ex is a LOSER!!!!!


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