Thursday, June 17, 2010

Citric Acid string quilt--spiderweb

So this is my "Citric Acid" spiderweb string quilt.  I still need to piece the whole top together, but I'll get it done today and the backing pieced and it will be in the mail tomorrow!!  Yeah!  This was inspired by the inmates at Cinco de Mayo.  Very festive, in my opinion.  These aren't colors I usually favor, but I'm now on a "brights" kick so you can look forward to more of these fun quilts in the future.  By the way, leftover scraps from this made Lucky the frog.  This quilt is 48" x 48" and will be quilted by Merrie Jones in Colorado. 
Right now I will be working on another frog for Rebecca--in Syracuse orange and blue.  I guess I could insert a picture of the quilt that inspired the frog and eventually the name thing for her office.  This quilt was pieced from vintage plaid shirts.  These very shirts will contribute to all the other Syracuse related items she wants.  Apparantly orange and blue aren't as bad a combination as I expected...probably something about being opposites on the color wheel, or some such nonsense.  Anyhow, off to work!!

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  1. Whilst searching on Google for string quilts I came across your citrus spidersweb - WOW! Beautiful! Also love your shirt quilt :)


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