Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sierpinski and his damn triangle...

So before I tell you of the fun I've had piecing together all the equilateral triangles...let me show you where the fabric for this has been laying...Yes, that is the spin bike.  It is perfect for draping already ironed scraps of batiks.  Unfortunately, you can't spin on the bike with the fabric on the handles.  So that is why I had to get on this I could spin again!!  LOL...hahahahahaha.  Really, what I discovered last night at 10:45pm, is that you CAN make S'mores over your gas range in the kitchen with a fork as a skewer.  ;-)  Unfortunately, and here is where you may decide to never read my blog again, the stove really needed to be cleaned.  It wasn't up to health code standards...even though the marshmallows were 3 inches above the actual flame.  But while I was roasting, I thought the experience was similar to a drug addict freebasing heroin out of a nasty piece of tinfoil in a dirty restroom stall in a Wal-Mart over a not-so-clean toilet.  Really, have I no standards?  Oh yeah, it was all Rebecca's idea....I'm just saying.

So now lets look at some cut out triangles for my project.  Ohhh, pretty pretty.  I looks like the color wheel...or some gay quilt festival.  Anyhow, I laid out the middle triangle--the pink/red/orange one, pinned it and then proceeded to sew.  HALT...when the seams overlap, like they do in a triangle, you must iron the previous seam before moving on (this is just my opinion, after doing several triangle quilts--the QPolice will not come for you if you don't do it, but you triangles might turn out wonky).  So now it is done like this:  Sew a seam, iron a seam, sew a seam, iron a seam...etc....which involves me walking ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEDROOM WHERE THE IRON IS because my selfish girlfriend won't give up her scrapbooking table for me to set up an ironing board.  LOL...just kidding...but really, I need to iron nearby!  Why won't these people work with me!!!!  ;-)  I must sew now, before I fall asleep...And I will get on the spin bike later tonight in attempt to burn off the S'mores....And I did clean the stove this morning, Mom!!

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  1. Nice triangles. I know I'm a little late on this, but I just found your blog! Now I'm reading it, to put off some boring applique. Me, I'm glad to hear you have a girlfriend. If I'm reading you right.
    Nice quilts! Nice kids! Nice dog!


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