Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kundson quilt

So this is what I'm working on today...instead of my work for my job!  Oh no, I better get busy on that tonight.  Anyhow, this coming year is the 50th anniversary of my work so I made a little quilt to hang in my "office" is made from recycled shirts (lots of green--that is our color).  I fused the letters and numbers on and will have the quilter finish it with a nice background fill.  The bricks going around are 4" x 2"...I'll post a picture once it is fully put together.  Kind of cute....;-)
By the way, have you ever gone to Flickr...and searched quilts?  OMG, wait to you see all the eye candy there.  How did I miss all this inspiration?  Anyhow, check out the ticker tape quilts (oh so fun)...all of it is just amazing.  Anyhow, gotta work...

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