Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ryan's new quilt...

Now check that out...a picture not only of the dog, but Ryan's new (ONLY quilt--see previous post on the missing log cabin) quilt that just came back from the quilter!  It is all made from vintage shirts (yes, I can afford real quilt shop fabric, but his room is "camping" themed so it fit the bill perfectly).  I was working on it last summer and right before I suddenly transferred to my new job in late September.  Thus, it wasn't actually finished until February.  It is quilted with swirls, by Kalynda Klemmer.  I made the binding last night, and the binding for Buddy's quilt, but who knows when it will be applied.  You know, I've got other stuff on my plate right now!!

Take a look at this tantalizing pile of trash scraps (only a die hard quilter cuts some pieces, throws out the scraps and TAKES THEM OUT OF THE TRASH for a picture for her blog), and my personal design pattern...It is Sierpinski's Triangle...from a math book, following Pascal's Triangle and all its interesting permutations.  So I thought it looked like it would be wonderful in rainbow batiks and maybe a black solid...So I started cutting triangles last night--lots and lots of them using scraps.  I'll show you more later on as I go, but I think the inmates might find it interesting and then later actually inquire about and....aha, an open window for a discussion on patterns and math!!  Yeah, right...It will be about 48" tall and I plan on quilting it myself (LOL, what am I thinking???).

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