Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A fun Monday....

So I worked most of the afternoon on Rebecca's name quilt for her office.  Here it is, pinned and ready for some wonky hand quilting...look it is on my design wall...LOL...that would be the tile floor ;-)  Someday, when the kids are gone, I'll have a sewing room again with a real design wall ;-)  And an exercise room....where I can store more fabric!!!  LOL....
Another good thing...Joyce returned from her travels with my Dad and she picked up some fabric....batik candy!!  I think I might make a French Braid quilt using these strips...with black in between to make the braids pop!!  Thanks, Joyce....;-)  I also got a couple button lanyard kits from the Stitchin' Post....she actually got to go to Sisters....
As I mentioned in my previous post, Nancy's Quilt Shop is going out of business.  ;-(  Anyhow, everything was 50% off...fabric, patterns, templates, books....so I picked up some backings.
I found enough yardage to back a quilt from the Fresh line from Moda (to match a layer cake I ordered) and some orange from Fresh for the binding.  And the purple flowers is to back a purple and aqua quilt I have in mind.  And the beige plaid is to back a buggy barn quilt I plan on making for my bed.  And the Kaffe is to back a Kaffe quilt that I have stewing in my mind (I already have the fabrics for the top) and the cherries...well, I don't know.  They were just cute and inspiring.  The gray on the end is to back the Halloween quilt ...with the vintage shirts.  And the Kaffe book is perfect for my classroom....talk about integrating geometry and quilting!!  I spent $250 which means that it was really about $500 dollars worth of fabric.  OMG....I was on fabric restriction...but how could I miss out on this opportunity?  I want to go out again today but the darn pool guy is supposed to come by and fix a few pool tile....darn it!!

Anyhow, Rebecca is working on cutting up some of my vintage shirts so I can pack them away neatly and then I can clean up my sewing room.  In fact, that is what I'm supposed to be doing right now.  I'd better get something done....I hate when the summer starts to come to an end!!!  Work sucks....it really gets in the way of my quilting!!!

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