Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Joyce's Quilts...

OK, I didn't make these but I'm not ashamed to post other people's work on my blog!!  LOL....So this first one is a HST quilt made from a layer cake for a charity auction.  My Dad's girlfriend Joyce made it and we had it quilted by Jade at Quilted by Jade in Las Vegas, NV.  The panto is double plume and the quilt looks just fantastic!!!

Very nice texture....LOVE IT!  And this next one is a rail fence quilt made from a jelly roll that has been gathering dust in Joyce's stash....Romantique, by Fig Tree, I think.... It is now with Jade waiting to be is also for the charity auction.

And here is Rebecca (and Buddy under the quilts) madly clipping the boy rag quilt for the auction....She says she has a system now so it goes easier....
In the background is the new couch....turns out chocolate brown couches show everything...every kernal of popcorn, spare hair or thread, dog hair, dog drool....etc.  ;-)  We need to stock up on lint rollers now....Anyhow, now I'm going to cut orange fabric for a Chaparral quilt for Rebecca's office.  The school colors are orange and black (heinous)....anyhow, we will do what we can!!!

UPDATE:  the baby quilt is washed and it is!!
OK...still cutting orange squares for Rebecca....

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  1. OK - love the colors. Almost makes me want to have a baby to have you make me another quilt. Almost . .. . ..

    Have you completed 6 quilts now to my ZERO!!!!


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