Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Looking backward and forward at the same time....

This saga begins with a prologue, circa early 1980's....
My grandma on my father's side was big into crochet.  On her many trips in the Winnebago with my grandpa, my grandma would crochet large (queen-sized) afghans in a zig zag pattern.  So one year my family received one such afghan to put on our chocolate brown naugahyde (vinly? faux leather?) couch in our walnut paneled den.  See, my family was into brown (some still are) and peach and light green.  The afghan we received was a tri-colored little was 10 rows of light pink, 10 rows of medium pink (bubblegum), and then 10 rows of hot pink.  Yes, hot pink.  Then the pattern repeated again.  And again.  So because it came from grandma, it was placed/displayed prominently on the back of the brown couch.  If I had a headache and needed to lay on the couch, I couldn't lay under the afghan because it was SO BRIGHT that it could actually worsen the headache.  At the time I figured grandma was color blind...though well meaning.  My Mom must have wanted to cry....LOL.  I don't know what happened to it, it just faded from my memory (well, it has been 25 years).

Present Day 2010....
Last week I decided that I needed to wash the 1930's (mostly white muslin) quilt on my king-sized bed.  I told Rebecca that we would just put on another quilt and give the 1930's a rest for a while.  That night, I stayed up late (probably blogging or reading blogs) and went to bed in the dark.  When I popped out of bed at 6:00 am the next morning, I almost fainted from shock.  The quilt on my bed was my Valentine quilt I made a few years ago...I love this quilt, mind you, but just hadn't seen it in a while.  Here it is....

Instantly, a pain shot through my brain from the occipital lobe to the parietal lobe (I think the one where we feel shock and anxiety).  THE QUILT WAS SO FRICKIN' BRIGHT IN THE MORNING SUNLIGHT!  And all of a sudden, as I was looking at my quilt, I could see grandma's zig zag hot pink afghan.  And I realized, OMG I'm turning into my grandma!!!  LOL.....

So if that wasn't bad enough, I got looking at my new couch the other day....
OMG, the chocolate brown couch, the hot pink quilt on the back....I'm reliving my past!!!  What is next???  Parachute pants?  Bangs that stick straight up?  A mullet?  Macrame?  Help....I'm becoming my parents and grandparents!!!  Oh nooooooo.......;-)


  1. LOL...what's old is new again :-) I just unpacked my old Barbie stuff for my daughter. I've got BOTH Harvest Gold/orange from the 70s and Green and Pink Miami-Vice colors from the 80s!!

  2. Oh yeah....My mom still likes the color avocado..but she calls it sage, or celery, or moss, or olive or something like that! But really, it's avocado!!

  3. Congratulations, you've broken the cycle. Never once have you brought home a bag full of green fabric. The world needs more sage and moss...think about it...have you ever heard me complain about a headache!!

  4. LOL! That's just too funny!! I notice myself saying things, doing things and acting more and more like my Mom all the time too. Well, everyone thinks my Mom is so sweet, so I guess it's all good eh? Love that pink quilt though!!

    Jacqui in Canada

  5. Okay..this is the third time I've tried to leave a comment. I totally remember your faux leather couches and wood paneling...even the deer heads on the wall! Don't remember the pink afghan, though.

    Anyway, beautiful quilts. Glad to see you're doing well!

    Your old neighbor on Pleasant View,


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