Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lazy Sunday....Moda Charm bag

So I didn't get much done today.  Alli got all of her squares sewn with an "x" for the baby rag quilt.  I did get together the fall leaf quilt and it turns out that I don't need a border or it will be too big for the wall.
I washed a bunch of new shirts from Goodwill.  Buddy thought they looked comfy....I have so many shirts and ideas but I lack the time to implement them.  And then I get sidetracked with making little bags...

And I mean little bags...This is a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop...a little charm bag.  Little.  Really little.
See how big it is relative to the rotary cutter.  The base inside is fabric-covered cardboard measuring
2" by 5".  Seriously.  Maybe a lip gloss for Alli...or a little sliver of a library card (but not both).and then it is full!  LOL...But I learned a new technique for holding the inside and outside of the bag together.  I've done reversible totes, but this method actually sews together (??) the inside and outside.  Anyhow, well worth the time...and I liked putting on the the little pleated cuff...super cute!  It is Alli's now....but I'm going to make it bigger and try one for myself.  Bigger.  Much bigger.  ROTFLOL.....;-)  On a side note, my rude and completely unsympathetic ex told Alli she can't bring home (to her other house) any more purses.  I, of course, disagreed with this and told her that this one only counted as 1/4 of a purse so I could make at least 3 more for her before it became a problem.  ;-) 
I guess math teacher trumps P.E. teacher any day!!!

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