Sunday, January 27, 2013

An oldie but goodie...

I needed to change out the quilt in the living room and I pulled out this batik wonky log cabin from years ago...I think I made this the summer of 2005.  It is a Buggy Barn pattern.  Those ladies were way ahead of the times...

I loved the bright, saturated colors of the batiks.  I know that they aren't "modern" but I'm still a sucker for a nice hot pink batik!

It was quilted with this wild, trilobal variegated thread that was all the rage that year...It appears that I've always liked swirls....

Anyhow, during my cleaning recently I rediscovered my batiks.  I also bought a few more on the St. George shop hop (Scrap Apple has an amazing batik section) so you can expect to see something involving batiks this year!  Maybe a merge of a modern pattern with some crazy batiks??  Who knows....

I'm going to a sew-in today at a LQS...should be fun (not sure of what to work on).  Also, I realized how many UFOs I have in my sewing room and I decided that I don't give a $%&! about it...I know I'm supposed to feel some urge to finish everything, but I just don't.  I don't have a lot of free time and when I do I plan on working on whatever tickles my fancy at that very moment.  Maybe it is a new project, a charity quilt, or something that has been on the back burner.  Who knows??  But I'm done feeling guilty about all the random half-finished junk I have in my closet.  Why worry about it, right??  See, I'm feeling better about it already...

Well, I've got to go do the school work I avoided all weekend.  Happy Quilting!


  1. I always felt that batiks look 'muddy', but yours really pop! I think it looks very modern!

  2. Love the batiks in your quilt. I always have a hard time using the ones I have purchased. Check out for DS clearance. I left plenty for your :)

  3. That is one gorgeous quilt!! Spectacular colors....

  4. I love this quilt. I think it is modern because of the wonkyness! Life is too short for guilty about unfinished quilts.

  5. simply beautiful and super cheerful


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