Monday, January 28, 2013

Awesome Hourglass quilt...

I just don't usually get to quilt one of these....zillions of little hourglass blocks.  The quilt measured about 76" x 93".  I quilted some allover freehand swirls....

I had to take a tuck, which isn't a big deal to a longarmer so I don't want anyone to be shocked if your longarmer ever has to do this...sometimes, if the center a quilt is densely pieced, and the border isn't, you can get some flaring while quilting.  It tends to worsen as the quilter travels down the quilt and then the issue becomes serious at the happens, no big deal.  All I did was make a little pleat and tuck some of the border fabric under itself.  The pleat actually goes up into the red part....Then, using matching thread, I sew it closed so it looks like a natural seam.  I used two different colored threads on this one....dark brown and the red/pink color.  I managed to tuck a little over an inch or so....Bear in mind I had tried everything else...easing it in, spritzing and steaming, etc....this was my last resort!

Then I quilted right over it...tada!  Doesn't it look like a seam??  And now everything is rockstar perfect, right??  I measured at the bottom and with the tuck it ended up being 93".  Then, when I was done, I measured the top border at it was also 93" so I'm sure it was squared up right...Anyhow, I hope the owner is happy with the fix...

It was a lovely quilt and I can't believe how many little hourglass units there were!  Amazing....
Anyhow, off to do school work....Happy Quilting to you all!


  1. You would never know it was a fix if you didn't tell us. Glad you have some tricks up your sleeves in cases like this.

  2. great fix and once you quilted over it unless your looking for it it's not super noticable. I'm sure the owner would rather have a squared up quilt with hte fix rather than something that is wavy.

  3. So glad to hear someone else has had to do this; my poor husband (our long-arm quilting guru) always thinks he's done something wrong when the borders flare. I have reassured him many times that it's almost always a result of improper border sewing (you know, start at the top, sew down, cut off what's left). Your method looks similar to mine, but frankly, it's a bit neater. Thanks for the hint....

  4. I HATE taking tucks! I really dislike when there is extra fabric. lol

    The quilting looks phenomenal! Great job!!


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