Thursday, January 10, 2013

Damn, these butterflies...

are sooo....very addicting.  As everyone knows, I'm very behind the time line in terms of what the cool kids are doing.  I work, have a family and a needy chihuahua and just don't get as much done as I'd like.  But I saw these butterfly blocks and I had to give it a try...

I have a few ideas for these...mostly stolen from   inspired by the Flickr group Butterfly Spool Quilt Blocks.  They are so awesome!  Now I know everybody wants the wings to match, but hey, why???  Scrappy rocks!  Rainbow butterflies....awesome!

Sadly, I must grade some quizzes now so no sewing tonight.  Hopefully you get to do something crafty!


  1. Love how the words look on the blocks. I have been saving all mine for the perfect project. I know you will understand this.

  2. Butterflies with something to say! I like the scrappy!

  3. I love scrappy too - and almost matching, just like your wings. I taught a class of second language English speakers how to make bowties, I like to use a close match for the knot so when I demonstrated I said, 'Take two grey squares and three yellow squares', while holding two grey, two yellow and one very pale lime. Needless to say, something was lost in translation and they ended up making blocks that didn't look like bowties. Still, they had fun and so did I.

    I'm planning to use google docs to set quizzes for my maths students this year (our academic year starts in a couple of weeks in NZ) I can get it to do the marking for me. My goal is to never mark anything other than exams again! Lazy? Nup, just clever, I think! LOL

  4. I adore how bright these are. Hopefully you'll be making more soon.

  5. Just saw your Zentangle tutorial and wanted to say thank you

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