Thursday, January 3, 2013

What happened yesterday...

I got a lot done...let's just say that much.  First, I made 3 blocks for Patty's Block Swap...The Friendship Star with black background and red Asian prints for the stars....

Then I panto'd a quilt for Ev...Happy Times Panto...

Then I thought I'd tackle cleaning the sewing room.  Let me also show some fabrics I purchased during my online shopping rampage...all the junk on the ironing board and the floor...and some more stuff off on the table.  And some precuts....OMFG....See, Sharon, a hot mess!

I had the FQ of this Dena Designs Snow Flower fabric (from lastyear), but I bought the backing online for like $2.50/yd.  How could I NOT buy it?

Then I bought this Basic Grey Jelly Roll on sale at Quiltique...then the backing fabric went on sale the day after Christmas so I had to buy that as well...all. of. it.

Now this is an interesting pile of Darjeeling that I bought FQ of last year, but then found the backing fabric on sale for $2.30/yd.  Wow...why not?

What is this??  The selvage said Secret the FQ for $1.50 each at Quiltique then the backing fabric for $5.00/yd.  What a deal, right?

This is some sort of Riley Blake FQ stack that came from Green Fairy Quilts.  Frankly, I don't even remember buying this, but it is cool so I probably did...

Layer cake of Noteworthy....cute.....

Oh my...and I'm probably not even halfway through the pile.  I'll share more later this week.  But if you see me at the LQS buying anything, kick me in the ass, please....
Happy Quilting!


  1. What a ton of fabric goodness! I shop vicariously through you!

  2. I am going to have my husband stop by this post because I plan on doing some shopping tomorrow and I know he's going to be like "Do you really need that?" and I will say yes. And then will send him here so he can be grateful lol.

  3. Ohhh myyy.... Can I come and sew at your house? :)

  4. well anytime you need to move it out I have a place to put


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