Monday, January 7, 2013

Three Signs You're A Hoarder...

According to TLC, there are several signs that a person is a hoarder...

Hoarding is defined by three primary traits: the obsessive collection of objects that seem useless to almost everyone else, the inability to get rid of any of them and a resulting state of distress or peril.

Wow...maybe I'm hoarding a bit too much these days!  Ack...Anyhow, I'm still cleaning out  up the sewing room and I came across some other fun items...

Precuts:  Marmalade (I won it in the Bonnie and Camille Challenge), Vintage Modern and a Fat Quarter stack of Gypsy Girl...

Then I found some sale fabric that coordinates with the Mr. Claus layer cake I already purchases.  50% off Christmas could I pass it up??

Then, the latest problem...text fabrics.  This isn't even all of them.  There are still more coming in the mail from the nether regions of the internet...Those are one yard cuts....really??  OMG...

Anyhow, I'm done shopping.  It is now officially time to start stash busting.  Expect to see some cool stuff real soon...hopefully!

Blogger side note:  I was having trouble uploading pics to blogger so upgraded to Google Chrome and it is so much faster to load stuff...and it seems to work better.  I didn't think there would be that much of a difference from Internet Explorer, but there is....FWIW.


  1. Love the text fabrics. I worked on scrap busting this weekend as well and found lost fat qtrs and about 10 yards of fabric.
    Thanks for the tip about uploading pictres -- I couldn't get mine to upload for my last post and this might help.

  2. If I could only get my hands on your text fabrics... gorgeous!

  3. Lots to do this year. Will be interested to see what you do with all that cool text fabric.
    I'm a hoarder too according to your definition. I just love to pick out fabrics for a quilt in the middle of the night!

  4. Maybe I should just move into your studio so that I can keep you on track... :)

  5. WHat a great Blog ... I love your zentangle Quilt Tutorial and can't wait ti try it!! I'm following our blog although a bit intimidating, you are an inspiration!!

  6. Love your Zentangle. That was a great, simplistic and very inspirational tutorial. You did a great job and keep up the good work!

  7. Just stumbled across your blog... love it! I'll be bookmarking it.
    Your text fabrics are fabulous! Where did you get them from? I have not seen a lot of them before.


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