Saturday, July 31, 2010

Signature Quilting Thread Fan Deck....

Well, since I have the Juki I felt I needed to get some Signature quilting thread.  It is the one I like, even though it is linty.  It is 100% cotton and the purist in me likes that....So I ordered the thread chart/fan deck from Kingsmen Quilting.  I used to have all the colors (when I was a longarmer)...but then I gave them away with the machine.  Now I only want to order the ones I need, as I need them.  ;-)...Yeah, right!!

These are the actual threads wrapped around the cards!  Yes, I am a thread junkie as well.  They are all so pretty....I want one of each!! next week!  Also, the Goodwill had 50% off all clothing today.  I'll post pics later of my finds!  I am now going to sew the final seam on the fall leaf quilt and cut some small border strips to bring it to 60" wide.  More pics later  (isn't that why we like blogs???)....Happy Saturday!  Oh yeah, another great find at Wal-Mart...Hard Candy lip gloss--smells like cotton candy!

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  1. I had to LOL when your comment that you are a thread JUNKIE. I am too. A friend took me to a store that was having a great 50% off sale on thread I like to use for piecing and could not believe that I 1) bought so much thread and 2) never realized the differences in the types of thread and that I would buy the same color but in different makes, such as cones for the serger and thread for piecing and then thread for quilting. She thinks I am totally crazy and constantly makes jokes about my thread fetish. However those of us that sew and quilt know that there is a lot to say about having the right thread. I now use connecting threads 100% cotton (low lint) and love it. Last spring they had all their thread on sale. yep bought one of each color and doubles of the most popular neutral colors. (By the way my friend does not do any sewing whatsoever). she clearly does not understand it when I buy thread or fabric. LOL it is a passion of mine. So I totally understand where your coming from. Also many times you can get your thread up to 50% cheaper by buying it online. :)


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