Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another finish...Dream On Quilt!

I actually quilted this one was 60" x 70".  I'm proud to say there is not a pucker/tuck anywhere ...on the front or the back!!

The suspicious bump is Buddy....the quilt was hot from the dryer...perfect for a Chihuahua!

And a pic of the back side....the quilting is 1 1/2" apart....I have since ordered a quilting guide attachment from Keepsake Quilting that was recommended by a reader ;-D  What a lifesaver that will be!  I checked out her blog, QuiltersCrossingTX this morning...lots of fabric eye candy!!  Thanks so much!

And the finished tumbler quilt....bound and ready for auction!

I don't know what to work on next....??? many projects, so little time!


  1. Hi Zany quilter, I am really enjoying your quilts and you do a wonderful job with the quilting. They are all very beautiful. Anyway I am back into blogging and need to get a few more followers and sooooo I am having a little giveaway for this. If you have time go in and sign up and maybe you will win. Who knows? Have a good day!

  2. What a beautiful quilt. I love Dream On and this quilt really shows the colors well. Great Job!

  3. Both your quilts are just gorgeous! Good work!!

  4. I really love your Dream On Quilt!! Wow!!

  5. Dream On looks awesome! Great job & keep it up!


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