Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Props. aka...How to improve a blog...?

Wait...before I start on this topic...did I mention who was at the LV Modern Quilt Guild meeting the other night?  Camille know, the Moda designer for the Bliss fabric line?  She lives in LV and will hopefully come back again to be in our guild.  She brought her baby...he was adorable, and she was lovely and so nice for someone so famous...Anyhow, I just had to brag about that ;-D....

When I first started blogging I was lucky to get the picture in the right spot in the post.  I didn't really consider the quality of the picture, though I wanted decent pics.  I read another blogger's posts about how to take pictures that would look nice on the blog--most of it went right over my head, but I remember her talking about using "props" as backgrounds to accent her quilts.


So six months later I begin to notice how yellow and faded my pictures are looking.  A combination of bad winter lighting, tinted windows on the house, butter yellow interior walls, solar screens and a general lack of skill were to blame.  So I remembered about the props and bought this at Marshall's or Ross last week....

A twin sized white bed quilt--with very modern straight line quilting ($24.99).  I just spread this out, in a room where I can get some natural lighting....and voila!  You can actually see the nice colors of the fabrics.  Anyhow, this prop will be showing up in many of my pics in the hope that we can all enjoy the quilts a little more....LOL.  If anyone has any other tips or hints, please let me know!  Thanks....

Yes, I know giveaways also improve a blog...I'll work on another one!!  ;-D

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