Sunday, February 27, 2011

Journal Cover...

I used the tutorial over at Bloom and made myself this cute little journal cover...

The fabrics are Fresh Flowers paired with some linen I bought the other day.  I really like the look of linen in some quilts I've seen online lately and I thought maybe I could try incorporating a little in an upcoming project.  Isn't it cute? I made it under an hour while watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy. 

I've also been working on the auction quilt for my school...finishing up the last few wonky blocks from the Central Park layer cake.  Most of the blocks were made by the members of the Modern Quilt Guild (LV) the other night...

The blocks still need to be bordered on three sides with a solid (can't decide between Kona Snow or White).  I have a lot to do...I'd best get to it!

Oh, Buddy is being cute again....


  1. haha...Buddy is cute! The journal cover is pretty. I've thought about using linen, but haven't yet. It does look nice!

  2. Love your journal cover. Love Buddy's quilt! I'm going to make some of those wonky squares as soon as I figure out the fabric. Thanks for the inspiration and how to.

  3. I love those wonky blocks! and also the look of linen with colourful fabric. I'm thinking of buying some linen but it's quite dear... I'll have to wait and save up, It's worth it, that journal cover looks fab

  4. I like your bright and happy journal cover and your Central Park blocks make me want it to be Spring, now!

  5. That's a really cute journal cover!


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