Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wonky Blocks Tutorial...

I mentioned that I was going to teach a little class at the next LV MQG meeting on making wonky blocks from a layer cake.  A reader asked if I could make a tutorial on wonky blocks so I did right here....Or you can find it at the top of my page, near the header picture....It is a very "stack, whack, shuffle, sew" kind of method....not anything wildly original, but they do turn out nicely!

I hope this helps someone to break out of the box and do some wonky sewing....



  1. THANK YOU!!! Been wanting to try this but for some reason couldn't remember the right order to "stack, whack, shuffle, sew"! :-)

  2. Great tutorial...thank you! I absolutely adore the look of your finished quilt top.

  3. Yay I cannot wait to sew some of these at the next meeting! Such a great block!


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