Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pin Basting...

So I chickened out on spray basting this quilt.  It is 60" x 70"...I'll go back to spraying on the next, smaller quilt.  Lots of taping the back to the floor....and lots of pins!

I am quilting diagonal, parallel lines 1.5" apart...I didn't want to mark the quilt but my Juki doesn't come with a guide for quilting parallel lines.  My plan was to use painter's tape as a guide.  But when the quilt was all bunched up being quilted, the tape came off.  So I needed to make some sort of guide....I tried several options--all of them being taped to my walking foot....

The cardstock on the left is a sort of guide....but the metal guide on the right side (from my Viking) is what I really need....but for the left side (it needs to be in the reverse).  I need to find one for another machine online, buy it, and just attach it to my walking foot...possibly using a more permanent method like duct tape
;-D  LOL.....Anyhow, hopefully I'll have it all quilted tonight and I can get a pic tomorrow!


  1. Duct tape - it holds the world together! Pretty quilt!!

  2. there is a generic foot now with guides on either side, one of our shop's teachers brought it in to show her machine quilting students. I think she got it in keepsake quilting? It might work on yours too! Hope that helps.
    I commend your invention though. Good for you!


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