Saturday, July 17, 2010

I will not go to the Goodwill today....

OK, check it out!  What is a chronic fabric hoarder to do?  It is the bi-weekly 50% ALL CLOTHING sale at Goodwill.  But I have too much vintage shirt fabric and booty bag jean fabric.  I must not go.  This sucks.  Buddy and I are sharing an egg/English muffin breakfast.  It is hot as hell today (93 degrees at 9:00am) so I am going to stay in and sew on my rag quilt.  Maybe go to to lunch with Dad and drop off a quilt to Joyce.  Hey, I'll post a pic of that one, even though it isn't my own.  It is a "Fix It" kit/panel with additional fussy cut borders.  Check it out...quilted by Enchanted Desert Quilter....It is quilted with swirls--very nice!

Gwen, here are some pics of how I am joining the rows together.
This pic is sort of blury but it shows the open seam on both sure the back sides are touching!

I'm thinking of buying  a Juki TL-98Q to do some stippling...Crazy Mom Quilts has one and I like her stuff.  I've heard it makes all the difference if a person is thinking about quilting at home.  I'll keep you updated on that potential purchase.  The big question is "Made in Japan" vs. "Made in China"...does it matter?  According to the salesman it does...Japan rules, he claims.  But it adds $200 more dollars to the cost of the machine....Hmmmm....OK, I've got to go sew!!!

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