Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip to Christmas Goose

So today was 30/30 day at The Christmas Goose, a local quilt shop here in Vegas.  FYI:  30th day of the month, 30% off fabric!  So I got some cute fabrics for a bag or ????  You know, it is the 29th today but the sale is today and tomorrow....I don't know...
Then, we washed the 1930's rag quilt....
And the highlight of my shopping adventure...there was a quilt on display last fall at the Goose.  A very understated Halloween type of quilt...but not garish.  The black and orange was muted and tasteful!  I meant to buy the book, but didn't.  But then I remembered it and so I bought some vintage shirts in the right colors and today I got the book.  Let me show you...this doesn't violate copyright, does it??  I'm promoting the book "Modern Primitive Quilts"....
And here are my shirts, all cut up in a little pile.  I have more oranges in another bin, but I needed to get the gray and black ones.  In the second pic you will notice a yellowish (I think candycorn-colored shirt).  I like it, Rebecca says it has to go.  Hmmm...the jury is still out on that.

Maybe it does need to go....ON THE BACK!!! HEHEHEEHEHE....
OK, here is our couch.  You'll see Buddy featured on the left...and Rebecca. No you won't see her...she looked like crap so I had to retake the pic...But do you see the rows of the fall leaf quilt on the left??...I'm going to get it all together tonight!  I swear...

I got to get on it, people!!!  ;-)


  1. Wow, the Halloween quilt will be awesome (minus the yellowish fabric and I'm thinking that goes for both the front and back!) No wonder you've been talking about a Halloween quilt for so long.
    The 30's rag quilt turned out lovely...nice selection of colors.

  2. Some quilter (resourceful ones) use the ugly fabrics on the back to be frugal!! LOL...Mom, you're saying that is a "no"?? FYI, readers, Mom also doesn't think that you can use more than one fabric to back a quilt (don't try to mix two together)....;-)

  3. Hmmm, maybe your mom would be OK with two different fabrics on the back of a quilt if you used equal amounts of both fabrics. Sounds like she isn't able to think outside the box (that would be the 12"x12" square of blue fabric nestled in with 5'of green). I'll bet she used the same fabric when she sewed clothes for you and your sister!


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