Friday, July 16, 2010

"Lucky" Brand Booty Bag for Gwen...

Well, it is 111 degrees outside at 7:00pm.  The kids are in the pool (Ryan and Rebecca).  I had a Lucky (LOL) find today at the Salvation Army.  Yes, Gwen, I know you are mortified...but consider it "recycling" and it will all be OK!  Some size 4 little thang donated her vintage pair of Lucky Brand jeans.  OMG...booty bag time!  Gwen picked out the lining fabric when I was in CA last week...I think it is called Large Fleur.  Nice print...I also made a little pouch thing for inside...big enough for a lipstick or some cards/cash.
Here is the rear view...
The inside is still pinned.  As soon as my Valium takes effect I'll start hand sewing it to the inside waistband.  Yes, I should invest in a thimble...;-)  Below is a pic of Buddy trying to get my attention.  Apparently I've been sewing too much today so he is protesting by sitting on the quilt that I'm getting ready to sew the binding on....Maybe I'll just sit down and give him some lovin'! fingers are bleeding but here is the finished bag!  Cute as can be...
The cutest part is something that can't be seen...inside the fly of the jeans is a red tag...and if you read it vertically it says "Lucky You" with a shamrock....I figured that it was for the guy who would be unzipping the girl's pants...Rebecca thinks it means the girl is lucky if she can zip up these size 4 skinny jeans!  LOL...Either way, Lucky You Gwen!!


  1. Sweet bag Vic. That red Lucky brand "dungaree" label means that those little jeans are super vintage. Thank you so much! Love the liner fabric.

  2. Wow - you must really LOVE this sister of yours. She must be so sweet to you! I bet you two were the best of friends growing up :)

  3. Oh Anonymous, you are so right! We were as close as two toes in a sock! ;-) LOL...


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